View and manipulate your 3D Models in Pathing CNC

StudioMill supports all major CAD software and utilises its own purpose built PathingCNC software to simulate and perform the modelling process. Supporting the industry standard .stl .dxf file formats PathingCNC software allows you to view and manipulate your CAD model in a virtual tooling environment and quickly and easily tailor the modelling process to suit your requirements. The software allows the more advanced user to exercise complete control over the modelling process, but also provides a degree of assistance to the novice user.

PathingCNC is compatible with Windows® XP /  Vista / 7

Using Our Software

1. Import CAD file

Supports industry standard file formats.

  • Create a 2D or 3D CAD model in the software package of your choice
  • Solidworks, Rhino 3D, Creo elements/pro, Inventor, Pro desktop
  • Save in one of a number of industry standard formats
  • Import 2D or 3D files
  • Just a few clicks away...

2. Select material

  • Automatically setup cutting parameters for the selected material for simple, quick cutting
  • Advanced features permit customised material settings for more experienced users and exotic materials

3. Select mount

  • Automatically setup coordinate system for selected mount
  • Selected mount is shown in graphics area
  • Visual feedback of material located in mount

    4. Scale/rotate model

    • Process models accurately at 1:1 scale
    • Scale model to required size
    • Rotate the model into the optimum cutting orientation
    • Automatic detection of models that are too large for the work area

      5. Set stock size

      • Easily select block or cylindrical material
      • Automatically set minimum screw allowance
      • Automatically sets minimum stock dimensions
      • Automatic detection of stock that is too large for the work area
      • Indicates material to be removed during cutting

        6. Setup cutting strategy

          Setup cutting strategy in a single click
        • Choose from 1-sided, 2-sided, multi-sided and rotary strategies
        • Advanced settings allow customisation of the basic cutting strategy

          7. Select tool

          • Tool library to quickly setup tools
          • Labelled tool diagram allows physical attributes to be easily identified and corresponding parameters entered correctly
          • Easily manage tools; add new tools as they become available

            8. Generate cutting path

            • Easily change between 3 levels of model detail
            • Fine control of model detail with one simple control
            • Automatically generate cutting path
            • Preview of cutting path displayed in graphics area

              9. Integrated machine control

              • No additional software required
              • All in one package
              • Automatic coordinate system setup